Blink-182 Guitarist Isn’t A Fan Of Marriage

Matt Skiba, who also fronts Alkaline Trio, isn’t a fan of marriage. But then again, his opinions may be shaped by certain past events. The Blink-182 and Alkaline Trio guitarist recently spoke to Kerrang!’s Mischa Pearlman about his failed marriage and relationships in general. Skiba says his divorce inspired a lot of Alkaline Trio’s 2011 album This Addiction because he was writing from a place of pain.”All marriage is a f***ing piece of paper,” according to Skiba, who claims he’d choose music over a woman because “the girl doesn’t pay the rent. And the music doesn’t get jealous or hold things against you that didn’t even happen.”

When asked if there is someone he loves currently, Skiba admits no person in particular, but that he is in love with his life and career.

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