Daft Legos?

(Photo courtesy of Autorzr)

These Daft Punk Legos could be an amazing idea. I mean, they look cool, but do very little otherwise – like tour. That’s not a cheap jab either. Who wouldn’t have loved to see Daft Punk do a full-blown tour for “Random Access Memories”? I would have. Thus, the jaded tone. Even with that stated, I can’t help but love me these little Lego robot Frenchmen. They are gaining steam fast over on the Lego ideas page. Lego officially responded:

This project is speeding and it isn’t stopping. This project didn’t just get lucky, the detail and thought behind the project speaks for itself.  Just make sure you celebrate 1,000+ supporters by losing yourself to the dance!

Good luck as you continue to work it, make it, do it, until you reach 10,000 Supporters!

If you think this is a good idea head over and lend some support on the Lego page and perhaps the people will get what the people have asked for. Go tell Lego you want these little guys and see more mockups by clicking here.

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