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There Is Now No Chance George RR Martin’s Books Will Outrun HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

Trying to get the bad news out of the way early on in the year, George RR Martin’s publisher for A Song of Ice and Fire, HarperCollins, has officially confirmed that no, 2015 would not see the release of The Winds of Winter, the long-awaited sixth book in the series. Even though they tried very hard to promote a series of Westerosi prequel novellas being released, the simple fact remains, HBO’s Game of Thrones will end long before Martin ever finishes writing his story. (Read Story)

‘Limitless’ Being Adapted for Television with Bradley Cooper

“Limitless” is set to receive the smallscreen treatment.

Relativity Television has partnered with Bradley Cooper and Georgeville TV to adapt the 2011 pic for television, it was announced at Mipcom over the weekend.

Cooper, who starred in the film, will serve as exec producer. Leslie Dixon and Scott Kroopf will co-exec produce the series. Relativity produced the feature film, so having the studio’s TV division — Relativity TV — produce the smallscreen version is an organic segue for the property. (Read Story)

Syfy developing ’51st State’ series

Syfy says it is developing 51st State, a one-hour drama series about a futuristic prison society. Oscar-nominated scribe Craig Borten, who sold the pitch to Syfy, will write the pilot, which is being produced by Fox 21 Television Studios.

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Oscar-nominated writer-director Chris Weitz (About a Boy, The Golden Compass) has reportedly come aboard to take over scripting duties for Lucasfilm’s standalone Star Wars movie to be directed by Godzilla’s Gareth Edwards.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Weitz will take over from the film’s original screenwriter, Gary Whitta, who moved on to other projects after completing his draft. (Read Story)

Colm Feore To Play The Dollmaker On ‘Gotham’

Another villain is heading to Gotham. Colm Feore (The Borgias) has been cast to play Dr. Francis Dulmacher, also known as The Dollmaker, in the Batman prequel series. The Dollmaker was first referenced in the second episode of the freshman Fox drama by Selina Kyle (‎Camren Bicondova) as being the figure behind the mass kidnappings of Gotham’s street children. With a zealotry bordering on madness, and aided by his genius-level intellect and vast medical expertise, Dr. Dulmacher pursues his demented researches, even as the bloody costs of his actions grow ever greater. (Read Story)

Kevin Spacey to play a talking cat

Already adept at playing a sneaky protagonist who always lands on his feet, Kevin Spacey at long last will play an actual cat in Barry Sonnenfeld’s Nine Lives. According to The Wrap, Spacey will star as a workaholic businessman who, through some kind of accident, finds himself trapped in the body of a feline. Presumably, this will keep Spacey away from the office and force him to spend more quality time with his family, as well as with his sock drawer and a box filled with newspapers. (Read Story)

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