New Alternative Albums | April 18, 2024

New album Releases

New Albums Out This Week

This week brings diverse alternative music releases featuring legendary artists and fresh faces. From the gritty sounds of grunge to the introspective layers of indie rock and the dark tones of black metal, these new albums promise to cater to varied musical tastes.


Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

Label: Monkeywrench/Republic
Genre: Alternative Rock, Grunge

Pearl Jam continues influencing the alternative rock scene with its deep, guitar-driven sound. Their new album, Dark Matter, explores themes of existentialism and rebirth, maintaining the band’s legacy of introspective lyricism combined with robust musical execution.


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Cloud Nothings – Final Summer

Label: Pure Noise
Genre: Indie Rock, Post-Hardcore

Cloud Nothings is back with Final Summer, a high-energy record that exemplifies their signature indie rock and post-hardcore intensity mix. This album promises raw, uncompromising tracks with anthemic choruses, showcasing the band’s evolution while staying true to their punk roots.


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Chanel Beads – Your Day Will Come

Label: Jagjaguwar
Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative

Chanel Beads’ latest offering, Your Day Will Come, highlights their unique blend of indie rock with subtle folk and alternative elements. The album is marked by poetic lyrics and melodic instrumentation, reflecting a matured sound that resonates with themes of hope and melancholy.


Bruce Springsteen – Best of Bruce Springsteen (Expanded Edition)

Label: Columbia
Genre: Rock, Heartland Rock

Bruce Springsteen’s Best of Bruce Springsteen (Expanded Edition) is a comprehensive collection revisiting his greatest hits, including rare tracks and live performances. This release underscores Springsteen’s enduring impact on the rock genre, particularly his storytelling prowess and Americana-laced tunes.


Lord Spikeheart – The Adept

Label: Haekalu
Genre: Black Metal

Lord Spikeheart is known for its atmospheric layers and intense lyrical themes; the album dives into mystical and dark narratives crafted through powerful instrumentals and an enigmatic vocal presence.


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