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Paramore Drops “Thick Skull” Video

Paramore just released the music video for the track “Thick Skull” off the upcoming album, This Is Why. Directed by Brendan Yates of Turnstile, the video serves as a thrilling follow-up to the “This Is Why” video, showcasing a dramatic van journey with Hayley Williams at the center of the action. Dive into Williams’ take on the video for a deeper insight. Watch below. “Thick Skull” marks the third single from the upcoming This is Why Album. Pre-orders are available now (paid link).

Behind the Scenes with “Thick Skull”

Paramore’s latest video, under Yates’ direction, marks another significant moment in their evolving visual and musical journey. The “Thick Skull” video, billed as a narrative continuation, immerses viewers in an ill-fated journey that mirrors the intensity and passion of the track itself. Hayley Williams, ever the captivating presence, leads us through this turbulent ride, offering a raw and immersive experience that complements the song’s deep themes.


Paramore’s bold moves — both in their music and their actions — continue to set them apart in the rock and alternative music scenes. Their latest video not only adds to their creative legacy but also reinforces their stance as artists unafraid to take a stand and support their fellow musicians.


A Grammy Win and a Stand for Solidarity

The band recently celebrated their first Grammy victory, snagging the Best Rock Album for This Is Why and Best Alternative Music Performance for the album’s lead single. However, the spotlight didn’t just highlight their musical achievements. In a bold move, Paramore turned down a resolution that praised their Grammy success in Tennessee. This decision was in solidarity with fellow Grammy winner Allison Russell, underlining the band’s commitment to standing with their peers and advocating for what they believe in.


Previous Paramore News

Paramore has put their unique spin on the Talking Heads classic “Burning Down The House,” contributing to an upcoming tribute album dedicated to the Talking Heads’ iconic 1984 concert film Stop Making Sense. This effort is part of a broader project titled Everyone’s Getting Involved: A Tribute To Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense, featuring a diverse lineup of artists including BADBADNOTGOOD, Blondshell, The Cavemen, and Miley Cyrus.


In addition to their musical ventures, Paramore has reissued their self-titled album in vinyl format. This move caters to vinyl enthusiasts and fans of the band, offering a tangible piece of Paramore’s storied career. For more details on this reissue, you can visit the X96 website here: Paramore: The Self-Titled Vinyl Reissue​​.



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