Wonderwall of Snow Traps 50 Drinkers, Oasis Tribute Band in Remote Pub

More than 50 Brits who went to see an Oasis tribute band on Friday ended up getting more of the copycat group than they had bargained for when a snowstorm trapped them in a pub with the musicians for three days.

The drinkers set up makeshift beds in the Tan Hill Inn, a 17th-century pub in Yorkshire, while they waited for power to be restored and the roads leading out of the location to be cleared. “Let’s be honest,” one of the stranded guests wrote on Facebook. “Being stuck anywhere is a trial, a challenge to the mental health of some people, and yes, some are at breaking point after three days of being confined.”

Another guest, 43-year-old Vicky Hodgson, says when she went to see the band Noasis on Friday, she never dreamed she’d spend the entire weekend with the group. “It was unreal; the snow must have been about waist-deep,” Hodgson says. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

What’s the longest you’ve been stranded somewhere?

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