X96 Live & Local Spotlight: Zodiac Empire

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Zodiac Empire are on fire. They just released their first album, “Population” with a huge release party. An album they successfully funded via Indiegogo,x96_LiveAndLocal which says a lot to have people believe in your enough to give you money for music they have yet to hear.

Zodiac Empire have just returned to Salt Lake, victorious, from the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands semifinals in Las Vegas. Because they won, they are heading back down on April 24th to play the finals at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. If Zodiac Empire wins that they’ll go up against bands who won in Seattle, Hollywood and 21 other locations around the United States. Victory there means they are off to a global competition in Barcelona. One step at a time, right?

You may recognize lead singer, Ransom Wydner, from our February Live and Local Spotlight artist, King Niko. The man plays some hardcore duty in the local music scene, but if you are a supporter of local music you’re likely to recognize other members of Zodiac Empire: Stephanie Webb on guitar and vocals, Camden Chamberlain on bass and keys and Eric Stoye on drums. They all played in the band Cavedoll as well. Camden was also in The Suicycles that played the Big Ass Show a few years back.. This band represents a high pedigree when it comes to Utah musicianship.

If you want to catch Zodiac Empire live you can always head down to Las Vegas and support them on the quest for global domination on April 24th. If you want to catch them in their natural habitat head down to The Garage on April 12th where they will be joined by Seattlites, Harps.


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