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12 Things You Didn't Know About Gina Barberi

Gina Barberi X96 Radio From Hell

We kidnapped Gina’s son, Festus, and made him tell us 12 things about his mom that our listeners might not know:

  1. When her husband snores, she lies and says it is just another cute, quirky thing that she loves about him. She secretly hates it.
  2. She often listens to smooth jazz when she’s feeling particularly adventurous.
  3. Every week, she watches Cosmos with her children. Because we’re “that” family.
  4. The only thing she doesn’t like to be bacon flavored is her morning coffee.
  5. When she does something immoral and/or illegal, she justifies it by saying “I can do that, because I’m your mother!”
  6. She often likes to accompany her nightly glass of wine with 2 other glasses of wine.
  7. When she gets home from a long day at the office, she likes to cozy up on the couch and stare at her bookshelves, which are filled with almost enough books to keep you busy for the length of time that it takes you to watch an episode of “The Office”.
  8. When she watches the Daily Show, she skips the interview portion of the show (Unless it’s with Matthew McConaughey)
  9. She secretly has a crush on Jon Stewart
  10. She is, in fact, a caring and compassionate mother.
  11. She knows absolutely nothing about technology. Do not let her set up your TV. She will break it.
  12. If she is expecting a visit from her mother, she transforms our home into a military boot camp and holds us to the high standards that The Sainted Mary Clare deserves. (i.e. putting on our Sunday best, cleaning the floor until it is sanitary to eat off of, followed by actually making us eat off of it, and things of this nature)

Festus is Gina’s oldest (and manliest) son.  He also just so happens to be the favorite grandchild of the Sainted Mary Claire.  When he’s not hanging around the X96 Studios, he’s practicing or playing a gig with his Band, The Departure.  He is not planning to attend college, which will really piss off Richie T, but most importantly, his mother.


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