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Geek News on the Radio for November 30th, 2023

Night Swim trailer #2

New trailer for the new movie coming out in January 2024!


New Alien schedule to release Aug 15th – Supposed to be between 1st and 2nd movie

A new movie coming to the Alien universe that is set in the timeline between the first Alien movie and Aliens. Coming August 2024! Read more here!


Alien TV Series – casts first major star – Timothy Olyphant

Speaking of Alien, there is a an FX TV series coming in the universe of Alien. It will be starring Timothy Olyphant. Read more here!


Loki Season 2

Season 2 of Loki ended the way not a lot of people wanted. But, a new scene from an Avengers’ movie might be able to explain. Read more here!


Diego Luna to make The Boys Mexico

For fans of the show The Boys, a new show, The Boys Mexico, is in the works! Diego Luna is set to be starring in the show. Read more here!


Looney Tunes staying on Max

It seemed that the beloved Looney Tunes almost left the hands of streamers. But, it now seems it will be staying on Max for those who to wish to access it! Read more here!

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