14 Things To Do with Your Big Ass Maverick Mug!


Slim the Intern here. Listen, it’s no secret that the coolest swag items you have hoarded from years of concert-going and prize-chasing are your various Big Ass Maverick Mugs. They’re the swag piece that keep on swagging. Each mug has the year of the show, artwork that depicts the theme of that year, and encompasses the all-inclusive bad-assery that comes with a 100 fluid ounce container. Sure, like all merch-esque items from your favorite events, Big Ass Maverick Mugs look great displayed in a shrine-like fashion for all to behold. Sure, they are cooler than your average show booty because they are both beautiful AND functional. But are you really getting everything you possibly could be out of your most prized swaggy possession? Have you truly tested the limits of the hallowed Big Ass Maverick Mug? In case you haven’t (and shame on you for it), here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions to further enhance your appreciation of and wonderment at the majesty that is the BASH Mug.

Use your Big Ass Maverick Mugs for…

1. Planting a mini garden – Flowers, corn, herbs… The possibilities are endless.

2. Building a sandcastle – The size and shape make this a necessity in ultimate sandcastle base building.

3. Travel buddies – Take two mugs. Drink out of one, pee in the other. Just don’t mix them up. Ew.

4. Jungle juice – Because punch bowls are for amateurs. YOLO.

5. Packing a lunch – Better yet, make it a picnic! Way cooler than a basket.

6. Collection bins – For all you 90’s kids who need a place to store your pogs.

7. Hiding valuables – Mom and Dad will never think to look here. Just keep that lid on tight.

8. Hangover cures – Water if you’re old school, Pediasure if you know what you’re doing. Offer yourself a little extra discretion. Pair with asprin and big sunglasses.

9. Bring your own Slurpee cup day – Yes, it’s a Maverick mug. Yes, you can still fill it up once a year at 7-11.

10. Popcorn – Recommended for flirtatious movie watching. Smaller opening = more “accidental” hand touching.

11. Floating the river – Hell, float two rivers. Float the Mississippi. This mug has you covered.

12. Drum circles – Every angle provides a different sound, plus it doubles as a stool if you get tired of sitting cross-legged on the ground.

13. Becoming invincible – Coffee, creamer, conquer. Repeat.

14. Protection from invaders – Easier to swing empty, more lethal full. You decide.

See? Limitless. Try these out, I dare you. Then, try other stuff. But don’t forget, pics or it didn’t happen. #BASHMugAdventures

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