7 Local Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Utah Podcasts

If you want to get in tune with what’s happening around Salt Lake, give these podcasts a listen.

If you want to get in tune with what’s happening around Salt Lake, give these podcasts a listen.

Utah Podcasts


1. I Am Salt Lake

I Am Salt Lake Podcast 2

This local podcast is run by Chris Holifield, who says he’s interviewed over 150 people within the film, music and business community.


2. The Salt City Throwdown

The Salt City Throwdown 2

Politics, sports and “life in Utah” are candidates for conversation in this local podcast, which is produced by Shon Harris and Adam Andrews.


3. Jockularity

Jockularity Show

Like sports? Like comedy? How about sports and comedy together? This show is the brainchild of local funnyman/TV reporter Rick Aaron and David Wilbur.


4. SLC Dunk

SLC Dunk 2

Get all your necessary Utah Jazz gossip, trade rumors and news from this excellent podcast.


5. Geekshow Podcast

Geekshow Podcast 2

All things geek, including comic books, TV shows, movies and news.


6. Everything To Nothing

Everything To Nothing Podcast 2

This podcast tackles issues like paranormal activity at the Shilo Inn downtown (enough said.)


7. The Let’s Go Eat Show

The Let's Go Eat Show 2

Host Bill Allred says “lot’s of good things can happen over a meal,” and this is especially true when you hear interviews with local celebs like Sean Reyes, Kurt Bestor and Hope Woodside.


What’s your favorite local podcast? Let me know in the comments below!

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