Poltergeist 2015!

“…they’re here…”


One of my all-time favorite movies was Poltergeist from 1982. I loved it, because the premise of scary stuff happening right in the most innocent looking suburban household meant that it could happen in your house! When I heard that there was going to be a remake of the classic movie, I was skeptical. Remember the subsequent sequels from the original? Yeah, most people forgot about those. They were terrible.

When I saw the trailer for the new version that comes out on July 24th, I got excited. Since the little girl in the original was primarily haunted by the television screen, our modern era is perfect for that kind of fright. Our television screens are bigger, we have computer screens everywhere, and we have screens on our smart phones! This looks like it will be pretty damn cool!

Here is the trailer for the new Poltergeist.

And for the purists, here is the original trailer from 1982.

It knows what scares you!

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