Blink-182 Unveils Track “Fell in Love”

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New Release from One More Time…

Blink-182 released a fresh track titled “Fell in Love” from their eagerly awaited album, One More Time…, set to release on October 20 through Columbia. Listen below:

Recent Endeavors and Highlights

Not too long ago, the band paid homage to the Ramones with a video for their song “Dance With Me.” This was in addition to their earlier releases like “One More Time,” “More Than You Know,” and “Edging.” Notably, One More Time… will also feature a provocatively named track, “Fuck Face.”

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In anticipation of their album, Blink-182 has released a second trailer. This trailer features more interview segments featuring Zane Lowe. Fans can catch a glimpse of this intriguing content below.

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