Foo Fighters Show Stage Malfunction Stops Show.

I swear Dave Grohl has the WORST luck on stage.  FIRST he breaks his leg, and then two days ago a foul up with the main stage curtain stops the show during the very first song.  Dave handled it like a champ, first attempting to play on, even though a GIANT, and presumably heavy curtain is crumpled on him like a 50’s housewife doing laundry.

Woman tired ironed clothes and lay down on the ironing board

Can I drink yet?

When the stage hands were unable to get the curtain untangled from Grohl’s guitar throne, Dave briefly stopped the show, and the stage hands most likely went off to freshen up their resumes.  The Foo’s barely missed a beat though, noting that the “F*** ups” are usually what makes a show memorable, and they started right back into Everlong.

God, I love that band.

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