Fresh X: Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim are from Brooklyn, remind you to use your eyes rather than cameras, and can probably do “the dougie” on cue, anywhere. And they are so damn friendly. I met them last time they were in town in the basement of In the Venue. Matt shared some cold ones with us and Kim came out in her bath towel looking for a shower. They didn’t even get mad when my buddy asked them which one was Matt and which one was Kim. That makes them extremely tolerant as well. Anyway, they have a new album out this spring called “New Glow.” In tandem with that announcement they dropped a new song on us. It isn’t the catchiest thing they’ve released into the ether, but ain’t the worst either.  They sing about how cool we are at 1 a.m. I have rarely met people being their best selves at that hour. I hate myself anytime I catch myself awake at that hour. 11  p.m. – that’s when I typically peak as far as being the best I can be.

Tell us what you think of the “Get It.”

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