Fresh X: The Prodigy "Nasty"

You can’t remember. I can’t remember. The Prodigy have been away for a while. The last thing they put out I liked was that “Spitfire” song featuring Juliette Lewis. I thought it was pretty underrated and may have been the only one in that mindset. It’s a new year and a new day and teases of a new album have been made. Keith Flint has found the time to get some new music out with “Nasty.” This track is the closest thing The Prodigy has done in the 2010’s or 2000’s that will harken you back to “Firestarter” or “Breathe.” Check out “Nasty” and let us know if this post EDM-RIP track is worth playing on X96 or if we should just leave it on YouTube.

The Prodigy will be releasing a full new album, “The Day is My Enemy” at the end of March.


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