Poppin' Trash. Macklemore Goes Full Grouch on Sesame Street

Maybe enough time has passed for the tune of this song to not make you want to throw yourself off the church office building. Maybe. Even if you feel you never need to hear any version of “Thrift Shop” again you will still sit through this video. Why? Because it’s Sesame Street and it’s a bunch of grouches. What?

What? You’re too good for recycled items? Well boo for you. There’s nothing like a good rummage-romp through the D.I.s of greater Utah looking for books or a nice pair of polyester trousers. Don’t want to spend big money on the “Girl with the Dragon” tattoo trilogy? Hunting down that “Chicken Soup for the Soul” tailored for your age/attitude? I promise you, you can find them for a buck or so, each, at your nearest Deseret Industries. Need some new gym shirts. They have a rainbow-worthy collection for a just a few dollars a pop. And coffee mugs? Would you prefer one with the Microsoft logo or one that reads Wang Computers? Why not buy both? Why ask why? You are at the Dizzle Izzle.

Make the most of you money and be inspired by this parody with Mr. Macklemore and some grouches.

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