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Geek News on the Radio for September 21, 2015

‘Star Wars’ Original Theatrical Cut Will Be Re-Released, According To John Landis

Another day, another Star Wars rumor. This time, however, the rumor comes from a semi reliable (?) source. Renowned director — and father of Max — John Landis visited Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, on Friday and took part in a Q&A to kick off Halloween Horror Nights. This year, the event brought back the popular maze inspired by his film An American Werewolf In London. During the back-and-forth, Landis dropped a bit of information that will probably get those tongues a waggin’.

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Star Wars auction includes iconic Princess Leia costume

Force Friday merchandise wasn’t quite enough to satiate your appetite for Star Wars memorabilia, a California-based auction house will make available some iconic costumes and miniatures used in the franchise’s filming. Profiles in History has announced that it’s auctioning more than 50 items, including many posters from producer Gary Kurtz’s personal collection, but the most enticing items may be those used to actually create some of the most memorable moments in the Star Wars franchise.

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DC Entertainment to finally give credit to influential Batman writer Bill Finger

Batman is a big-time cultural phenomenon, so there’s a good chance that anyone who has encountered anything related to the caped crusader has seen the name Bob Kane. He’s officially credited as the creator of Batman, and his name appears pretty much everywhere that Batman does these days. However, comic book fans probably know that—according to most accounts—Kane wasn’t alone in coming up with (arguably, we guess) the greatest superhero of all time. As the legend goes, Kane decided to make a character called “The Bat-man” who bore little resemblance to the guy we know beyond a similar bat wing-style cape. Kane then called for the advice of Bill Finger, a ghostwriter who worked under him.

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Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ Loses Director Rupert Wyatt

Director Rupert Wyatt is exiting Channing Tatum’s “X-Men” spinoff, “Gambit.” Wyatt, who directed “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” for 20th Century Fox, boarded the film in June. A changing script caused the film’s budget to balloon, extending the shoot. Production was set to start in November, but has now been delayed to early 2016, prompting Wyatt’s departure, sources tell Variety.

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George R.R. Martin to guest star as a zombie of himself in Season 2 of Z Nation

We might still have a few weeks left to wait for The Walking Dead, but the other cable zombie series (no, not Fear the Walking Dead) returns this weekend — and the new season of Z Nation will apparently include one heck of a meta cameo. Entertainment Weekly has a first-look at George R.R. Martin’s guest role in Season 2 of Syfy’s Z Nation, in which the author will play an undead version of himself still working to wrap up his A Song of Ice and Fire saga. Take heart, Game of Thrones fans: It’s nice to know that even if the zombie apocalypse hits, we’ll still get the ending we’ve been promised.

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Ernie Hudson to Appear in New ‘Ghostbusters’

Ernie Hudson will appear in Sony’s new Ghostbusters movie, insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter. An original ghostbuster, who commented early on that an all-female cast “would be a bad idea” and later told THR of the lineup of actresses — Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon — “Four fiercely funny, foxy, females busting ghosts … phenomenal!,” was seen on the film’s set on the last day of shooting on Saturday.

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