Utah Implements 21+ Law Regarding Hand Sanitizer

HandSantizerThe only thing kids are cleaning with it are their clocks!

After widespread reports of kids using hand sanitizer to get drunk, the DABC has decided to pull it out of schools and store shelves. Establishments that serve alcohol must keep all hand sanitizer out of the sight of children. Adults wishing to use the alcohol-based sanitizers must do so behind the doors of newly required 21 and over restrooms in any new establishments wanting to serve libations.

The main problem for children is the scents these products are sold in, often smelling much like candy. Dr. Darwin of the Selected Natural Center of Independent Study claims it’s not unlike the problem that was seen when flavored mouthwash came on the market. The center also released this public service video.

All in all you really need to watch what your children consume.

The Sanitizer Organization Association Knowledge Education District, who acts as the public relations organization for the industry, reminds all consumers to use their products as they are intended: to clean your hands after doing dirty or intimate things. “It’s really a safe product. For on the go cleaning when participating in activities where a washroom is not close, to cleaning the feet of the poor.”

Remember to use all products as they are directed, unless it’s gin. You can still clean anything with gin.

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