X96 2015 Song of the Year


It’s time to start making lists…

Yeah, it’s only September, but time moves fast and you really have to get on top of these things. As a great man once said, “Leave dirty dishes in the sink and eventually you will be without a sink and dishes.” I am not sure how it applies to this particular occasion, but it sounds good. There were a lot of new artists that broke big on the scene like Borns, Halsey, Elle King and more. Cold War Kids had their first number one song with “First.”

So look back, if there happens to be a song we’ve missed or something blows up as the leaves fall, we’ll add it into this list. And yes, some of these songs came out on albums from 2014, but they didn’t really gain notoriety until 2015.

It’s also true that not every song played on X96 or Xposed or Radio From Hell’s Battle of the Records made it onto the list, but one has to have limits and the selection list is already pretty big. Give it a go. Choose one and we’ll see what cream rises to the top in the world of Alternative Music (or Modern Rock as some call it) landed in 2015.

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