Celebrity News for November 6th, 2015

Miranda Lambert’s 2015 Country Music Awards Hair Looks Just Like Gwen Stefani’s 1999 Hairdo According to Twitter

A little awkward. Miranda Lambert debuted her new pink-tipped hairstyle on the red carpet on Wednesday, Nov. 4 at the 2015 Country Music Association Awards amid Us Weekly’s revelation that her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, was now dating his The Voice costar Gwen Stefani

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Khloe Secretly Begging O.J. Simpson To Take A Paternity Test

Could Khloe Kardashian finally find out for sure who her biological father is? As she continues to deal with the fallout of Lamar Odom‘s drug overdose, has learned she’s also been asking rumored dad O.J. Simpson for a DNA test!

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Burt Reynolds Calls Sally Field the ‘Love of My Life’

It’s been more than 30 years since Burt Reynolds and Sally Field broke up, but Reynolds still isn’t over her. Calling Field the “love of my life,” Reynolds, now 79, confessed to Vanity Fair that “I miss her terribly.”

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Here’s video of Serena Williams chasing down the man who stole her phone

On Wednesday, Serena Williams posted a long story to Facebook detailing how a man stole her phone while she was having dinner with Venus Williams and Caroline Wozniacki, and how she then chased him down and demanded it back.

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George R.R. Martin Has Sympathy for Justin Bieber and Other “Teenage [A-Holes]”

“Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin feels bad for Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities who got too rich and famous too young, especially because his fame came much later in life. He says, “It’s made me have a certain sympathy for the teenage [A-holes] that are running around out there, the Justin Biebers and the Lindsay Lohans. No wonder these people are crazy.”

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Listen To The Ben Carson Rap Ad That Even He Himself Isn’t Impressed With

The Ben Carson rap ad, which was released Thursday. With Aspiring Mogul overlaid on snippets of Carson speeches, the 60-second advertisement apparently doesn’t excite the Republican presidential candidate. In fact, he’s kind of distancing himself from his own ad.

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J.J Abrams Grants Dying ‘Star Wars’ Fan’s Wish to See ‘The Force Awakens’

A terminally-ill “Star Wars” fan who wanted to watch the upcoming movie “The Force Awakens” before he dies has been allowed to watch an unfinished version of the film, his wife revealed Thursday.

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Bindi Irwin is caught in a tangled legal web … her “Dancing with the Stars” contract just got rejected because a judge needs proof her dad is dead.

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