Do You Hate Country Music? Maybe You Shouldn't.


Recently I posted a list of what some British writer considered the top 100 songs of all time. I also saw this list at the same time and while I don’t like a lot of country music it got me thinking about some of the country music I do like; Johnny Cash, Hank Williams (not Junior), David Alan Coe, Tex Ritter (when he sings the theme song to the movie “High Noon.”)

This is a Rolling Stone Magazine list of the 50 Country Music Albums that rock fans should own:  There are some artists on here I’ve never even heard of. And there are artists on here that some would argue aren’t even country. Well, if Lyle Lovett isn’t a country artist then what the hell is he? I really like Lyle too by the way.

So, anyway, here’s the list. Please, argue away.

Oh, and why the picture of Faith Hill? It was hanging in the hall outside our country station and easy to take a shot of with my phone. You can see me reflected in the glass.

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