Sundance Film Festival 2015: Birds of Neptune, Black Panthers, Chorus

“Birds of Neptune”: For Rachel growing up requires letting go of the haunting memory of her deceased parents, the influence of her older sister Mona, the masking of long buried secrets and inherited spiritual practices. When things start to disintegrate in her childhood house with the presence of a stranger, she finds ground in her music and in the assurance of a new friendship.
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“Black Panters: Vanguard of the Revolution”: Ready or not, change was coming to America. The fault lines were no longer ignorable-cities were burning, Vietnam was exploding, disputes raged over women’s rights, gay rights, and civil rights. Many of the youth that came of age in the Sixties were set on tearing down the world that Dick and Jane built and reconstructing their own American Dream. A new revolutionary culture was emerging, and it sought to drastically transform the system. The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense would, for a short time, put itself at the vanguard of that change.
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“Chorus”: When the remains of their eight-year-old son are discovered 10 years after his disappearance in Montreal, a separated couple is brought back together. Each has been living in solitude-Christophe in a hut on the beach in Mexico, Irène retreating into the sanctuary of singing in an ancient music choir. Haunted by the unresolved mystery of their son for almost a decade, they are now faced with their biggest losses: the unfathomable tragedy of their son and the demise of their relationship. Together yet separately, they methodically close compartments from the past and move toward acceptance of the future.
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