Listen Like Tron: Glow Headphones

It’s always about that next thing. Take my monies! You may very well have that attitude when you see these new headphones. They are called Glow and use lasers and science to make the cables glow. According Glow’s Kickstarter page (yes, this is a crowd-sourcing thing):

The first smart headphones that glow with laser light, Glow pulses brilliantly to the beat of your favorite music or to the rhythm of your heart. An intuitive 5-way controller allows you to not just control your music, but also make calls, text, and use apps with ease.

So whether you want to listen like a Jedi and have your headphones bump to the beat of the new Maroon 5 album or some Arctic Monkeys (for those of you with good taste), you can hop on the bandwagon and give this dream some reality fuel.

I don’t really get into these crowd-sourcing things much, but these look pretty sweet. I like the size of the control that attaches to your hip that has nice, big buttons for controlling music and taking calls and even snapping pics. For snowboarding a big control like this would be very handy. They are developing them to work with Android unless they hit a higher goal to make them iOS compatible. Also, while the light reacts to your music, future pairs could react to your heart rate or the way you boogie or exercise.

The real test for me will be how comfortable they are. Apple can’t figure this out. You might as well be sticking rocks in your ears with their buds. I have a pair of Sennheiser earbuds I like quite a bit and Skullcandy discontinued the model I used to live by. It’s rough out there for our ears. Hopefully, these will be lovely.

Check out the video below…hell, if you have $7,000 laying around to donate they even have an EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) package.

Here is their Kickstarter page and you can watch the video below.

You can also read a write-up about Glow in Engadget.

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