A Trip To New York City

Radio From Hell went to New York City, Manhattan Island to be precise, last week-end. The picture you see above is Me (with the God-awful cheesy moustache), Kerry, and Gina on the subway. I don’t remember where we were going but the picture was taken to prove that Gina did ride the subway. I must say I never saw her touch any thing on the cars with her bare hand though; gloves always.

The cars weren’t really that bad. Pretty clean for the most part compared to when I lived in Manhattan years ago. At that time, New York City was a pretty dirty mess. The whole place really is a lot cleaner now and, from what I understand, a lot more expensive.

This picture is where I used to live:



I’m standing there with my son, Dylan. I’d forgotten that the address was 666 West End Avenue. The Windermere was at the time what’s called a resident hotel. There were some apartments there, and some  by-the- night rentals. I think my room mate and I paid about 600 a month a piece or maybe less for a one bedroom place. He got the bedroom and I slept on the fold out couch. There was a small kitchen and we did some cooking. A maid came in once a week and changed the linen and washed a few dishes if there were any.

Now, the Windermere is class all the way.  Here is a link to their web site  I could never afford to live there. That’s the way so much of the city has become according to my old school chum Jerry James.  This is Jerry:



He’s the one on the right, of course. Jerry has lived in the city for what? 30 something years. This picture was taken at a restaurant called Jacob’s Pickles  where we had lunch with listeners. A great place with good food and this terrific waitress who’s name I can’t remember now. But, it’s a small world. Jerry discovered that he and I had gone to school with a guy who had been the chairman of her theater department. New York, New York; the city so nice they named it twice. It’s a hell of a town.

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