Two Bits

Ahh…the end of Movember.  Finally I can shave this pesky beard off.  I really do appreciate this month of Men’s Health Awareness.  Two people very dear to me have had to deal with testicular cancer- Kerry Jackson and my one time fiance Vic Garcia.  They were the exact same age when they were diagnosed, young men in their mid twenties.  Not exactly the time of life most men are likely to go to the doctor for check ups.

Testicular cancer is very treatable if caught early and luckily Kerry caught his early.  After several surgeries and long hospital stays, Kerry is cancer free.  Not so with Vic.  He died a year and a half after being diagnosed at the age of 26.  So boys, when you are in the shower, check your balls.  Roll them around in your hand.  If you feel ANYTHING unusual, go get it checked.  Please…….BTW, that hot lather felt awesome!


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