18 Celebutard News Stories for November 18th,2014

1.Jose Canseco wants to sell you his blown-off finger


Photo Courtesy By Paul Hadsall

On Monday night, the former Yankee tweeted his intent to auction off the finger he accidentally shot off last week while cleaning his gun. Read Here

2.Bode Miller reaches settlement in bitter custody battle

Bode Miller at Beaver Creek, Colorado on November 30, 2010.

Photo Courtesy By KJUS Performance

Olympic ski champion Bode Miller has reached a settlement in his bitter, bicoastal custody battle with his ex-girlfriend over their 18-month-old son.Read Here

3.NBC fires top ‘Today’ executive


Photo Courtesy By Thomas Shahan

NBC’s attempt to push “Today” back into first place ahead of ABC rival “GMA” by hiring top ESPN programmer Jamie Horowitz has ended in turmoil after he was fired Monday night amid a climate of “instability and insecurity,” sources tell Page Six.Read Here

4.Here’s a List of People to Fire Over Fareed Zakaria’s Plagiarism

3834035393_bb97366daa_o (1)

Photo Courtesy ByPeter Hutchins

So rather than wrangling over which segments of his extensive egestions of crap-work should be corrected and/or clarified and/or retraced and/or annotated and/or retracted and/or punished, let’s move along to full accountability.

5.Bill Cosby clarifies statement on rape accusations


Photo Courtesy By Jeffrey Putman

The new statement released Monday says that Cosby’s denials do not refer to accuser Andrea Constand, whose civil lawsuit against him was settled in 2006.Read Here

6.Solange — I’m Under Attack … By My Face!

Band of Outsiders Spring 2012

Photo Courtesy ByEventPhotosNYC

Solange Knowles looked great during her wedding, but after the reception she broke out in hives … and by process of elimination, she’s either allergic to shrimp, or Jay Z. Read Here

7.Mama June tries to shirk blame on ‘Dr. Phil’


Photo Courtesy By RubyGoes

Mama June used her appearance on Monday’s “Dr. Phil” to shrug off as much blame as possible in the recent “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” scandal.Read Here

8.Colin Farrell fights for gay marriage in Ireland


Photo Courtesy ByDavid Shankbone

The 38-year-old actor, who now lives in Los Angeles, wrote a personal letter published in the Sunday World urging his native country to vote in favor of gay marriage in 2015.Read Here

9.Someone Sabotaged Gordon Ramsey ‘s Restaurant Opening


Photo Courtesy By Dave Pullig

Perma-perturbed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay says his big London restaurant opening was sabotaged this weekend when someone booked up the dining room with fake reservations.Read  Here

10.Every Single Thing About This Jaden and Willow Smith Interview Is Nuts


Photo Courtesy By Joe Warminsky

The following is an interview in which Jaden Smith—son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, brother of Willow—says that his goal in life is “to be the most craziest of all time.” Everything he says previous to that statement will convince you that no human has ever conceived of a more achievable aspiration.Read Here

11.Taylor Swift Sent a Troubled Fan a Care Package That Will Melt Your Heart


Photo Courtesy By Eva Rinaldi

Last week, Taylor Swift bought a fan a Mercedes. Before that, she crashed a bridal shower bearing gifts. Today, she sent superfan Ally Moronese the surprise of her life in the form of a care package.Read Here

12.Justin Bieber – Sniff My Pillow … For $279K!


Photo Courtesy By iloveJB123

Justin’s grandparents are selling their 3-bedroom home in Stratford, Ontario … and one of those bedrooms belonged to young Biebs — who spent about 80% of his childhood at the house.Read Here

13.‘OITNB’ actress: ‘My parents were deported when I was 14′


Photo Courtesy By  Abbey Hambright

“Orange Is The New Black” actress, Diane Guerrero is speaking up about her struggles with the U.S. immigration system.Read Here

14.Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Channel Kim Kardashian’s Paper Cover For Holiday Card


Photo Courtesy By Disney | ABC Television Group 

DeGeneres debuted one of her and Portia de Rossi’s holiday cards on her show Monday. The two channeled Kim Kardashian’s nude Paper magazine cover this year, but added in some festive decorations for good measure.Read Here

15.Ray J — Kim Kardashian’s Vajayjay Gave Me a Huge Payday


Photo Courtesy By John Mueller

Ray J has a knack for making money when Kim Kardashian gets naked … and he hit the jackpot again with last week’s nude photos.Read Here

16.Neil Young boycotts Starbucks


Photo Courtesy By Piutus

The famed singer writes on his personal website that he’s no longer supporting the coffee giant because of its alleged position with Monsanto.Read Here

17.Nickelback gets no respect while laughing all the way to the bank


Photo Courtesy By Sarah K. Andrew

While touring the UK in 2003, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger was one angry dude. When an audience member gave the Canadian band a middle-fingered salute, he reportedly responded by trying to have security throw out the concertgoer.Read Here

18.Tila Tequila gives birth to a baby girl


Photo Courtesy By Sarah Gerke

The former MTV reality star, whose real name is Tila Nguyen, welcomed her first child on Sunday, naming the baby girl Isabella Monroe Nguyen.Read Here

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