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Alkaline Trio Turns Turmoil into Tune

Alkaline Trio is back with a bang, dropping their latest single, “Bad Time,” from the upcoming album Blood, Hair and Eyeballs. Frontman Matt Skiba shares a chilling inspiration behind the song: a real-life crisis involving a friend and an active shooter. Amidst the chaos, his friend’s call became a beacon of normalcy.

“We could hear gunshots and sirens as the situation escalated. My friend asked if it was a bad time to talk, and I said no – I really wanted to speak with her. It was actually a terrible and terrifying time, but it was never a bad time to hear her voice,” Skiba recounts.

This intense experience inspired the song and underscored the power of human connection in times of distress. Blood, Hair and Eyeballs is set to hit the shelves on January 26th, promising to be another milestone in Alkaline Trio’s storied career.  Watch “Bad Time.” Also, learn more about their upcoming Salt Lake City show below.

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Catch ALK3 Live in SLC!

And for those eager to experience Alkaline Trio live, mark your calendars. The band will perform at The Complex in Salt Lake City on March 24th. Check out more SLC events.

The Pulse of Punk Rock

Since their formation in 1996, Alkaline Trio has been a formidable force in the pop-punk rock scene. Their music, characterized by dark themes and a unique blend of punk and pop-punk, has captivated fans worldwide.

Matt Skiba, the band’s frontman, is known for infusing personal experiences and emotional depth into their music, making each song a narrative in its own right. “Bad Time” is a prime example of this storytelling bonafides.


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