Celebrity News – Friday, July 31, 2015

Ryan Seacrest’s ‘Knock Knock Live’ Axed After Just 2 Episodes

When Ryan Seacrest, the “busiest man in Hollywood,” touches something in the entertainment world, it usually turns to gold. But it seems the “American Idol” host, radio personality and producer of such mega-hits like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and the Emmy Award-winning “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” missed the mark this time.

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Rumors continue to swirl around Ben Affleck’s alleged nanny affair

Rumors about Ben Affleck’s alleged affair with his kids’ nanny Christine Ouzounian continue to rage despite his strong denials. Sources confirmed reports that Ouzounian was with Affleck and Jennifer Garner in the Bahamas when they announced their divorce on June 30.

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James Woods Sues Twitter Troll for Calling Him “Cocaine Addict”

Movie villain James Woods filed a $10 million defamation suit Wednesday against a Twitter user who called him “a cocaine addict,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The probably-pseudonymous Twitter user, “Abe List,” made the crack July 15 in response to an asinine Woods tweet that called Caitlyn Jenner “Bruce” and hyped up the bogus Planned Parenthood “baby parts” scandal in one foul breath.

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Nick Gordon desperately wants to attend Bobbi Kristina’s funeral Saturday … so he sent Bobby Brown an email begging him for his blessing. According to the email, which we’ve seen, Nick says, “I loved Krissi with all my heart and I am destroyed that she is gone and I need to say goodbye.”

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Morrissey Says the TSA “Groped My Penis,” Wonders If People Have Minds

Morrissey, famous dirge singer and old-timey English racist, claims a TSA agent inappropriately fondled his junk as he was passing through San Francisco International Airport en route back to London Monday afternoon.

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Jon Stewart Did a Surprise Stand-Up Set at The Comedy Cellar Last Night

With his final episode as host of the Daily Show just a week away, Jon Stewart hit NYC’s Comedy Cellar last night with Louis C.K. and former Daily Show/current Nightly Show producer Rory Albanese and ended up getting onstage for 10 minutes of surprise stand-up.

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Valerie Harper hospitalized after falling ill

Officials at a Maine playhouse say Valerie Harper has been hospitalized after falling ill before a performance. Officials at the Ogunquit Playhouse say the 75-year-old actress, who has battled cancer, was taken to a hospital Wednesday before the evening performance of “Nice Work If You Can Get It.”

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Music mogul’s pricey Picasso almost got knifed in lovers’ spat

Jason Flom, the record mogul who’s signed Katy Perry, Lorde and Jessie J, also has a keen eye for women behind-the-scenes — including a fiery model/actress who once held his Picasso “at knife-point” during a lovers’ spat.

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Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the coolest BFFs ever

Everyone wants to get in on the newfound friendship between Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence. On Thursday, Schumer posted photos on social media during a vacation with a group of women — which happened to include the 24-year-old “Mockingjay” actress.

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Kelly Ripa breaks foot during dance class gone awry

The “Live with Kelly and Michael” co-host, 44, hobbled onto the set of her morning show Thursday, sporting crutches and a walking boot on her left leg. Before beginning the regularly scheduled segment with co-host Michael Strahan, 43, Ripa detailed her injury.

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The “Gypsy Sisters” are packing up their caravans and crystal balls because the show just got the boot. Sources close to production say the cancellation was due to dwindling ratings from previous seasons of the show … TLC simply felt it was time to move on.

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Katy Perry can’t finalize convent purchase

A judge said Thursday he believes a group of elderly nuns improperly sold their hilltop convent to a businesswoman but delayed any efforts by church officials to finalize a competing sale to pop singer Katy Perry.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Had A Surprising Role In Saving ‘Star Trek’

When actress Nichelle Nichols played Uhura on “Star Trek,” she became one of the first ever female black actors on a well-known series to have a role that wasn’t a stereotypical maid or nanny. But, as she talked about in a Reddit AMA she did Thursday, she almost left the role for a career on Broadway until Martin Luther King Jr. convinced her otherwise.

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A New Documentary Shows How Gene Roddenberry Almost Killed Star Trek TNG

Former Star Trek star William Shatner has made a slew of Trek documentaries in recent years, so when I saw he had a new one about the first few years of Star Trek: The Next Generation, I wasn’t sure if it was worth watching. But it totally was.

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Jon Snow Is ‘Dead Is Dead Is Dead,’ Says HBO Exec; Still, Doubts Linger

Sorry, “Game of Thrones” fans: Jon Snow is not just dead, he’s really dead. At least, that’s according to HBO executive Michael Lombardino, who asserted this week that the “GoT” protagonist is — yes, that’s right — 100 percent not alive.

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Cable network announces ‘live exorcism’ from house that inspired classic Linda Blair film

Somewhere between science and superstition, the Destination America cable network is promoting what it calls a live exorcism to be aired on Oct. 30, the Los Angeles Times reported. The network announced the program on Thursday, saying it would emanate from the St. Louis home that was the inspiration behind the William Peter Blatty novel The Exorcist, which genuinely disturbed audiences when it was released in 1973.

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