Dave Grohl Replies to 1,000 Musicians Covering "Learn To Fly"

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UPDATE: Yesterday I wrote about 1,000 Italian musicians getting together to cover “Learn To Fly”. The video was published yesterday and already has over 7.4 million views on Youtube.

Since then, the legend himself, Dave Grohl, has responded to Cesena.

You might need you Italian/English dictionary. Who knew Dave even spoke Italian?

Translation: Hello, Cesena, I’m David. I’m sorry. I don’t speak Italian, just a little. That video, how beautiful, how much beautiful! Thank you very much.  We’re coming to you, I promise. We’ll meet soon. Thank you very much. I love you. Bye

The citizen’s of Cesena, Italy only have one wish — a Foo Fighters concert. To get the attention of the Seattle band, 1,000 musicians got together to cover “Learn To Fly” and the result is amazing! The Rockin’ 1000 cleared out Park Racecourse and recorded what will probably go down as the greatest Foo Fighters cover in our time.

Hopefully, Cesena gets the concert they’ve always wanted. After this I think they deserve it.

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