You Don't Need to See "The Interview" Because Here's the Ending

Yup, we have agreed the terrorists have won because instead of going to the local cineplex and enjoying “The Interview” we have to spend time with our families or just relaxing. Since Sony has indefinitely pulled the release of this film debate has raged and the it’s a one-sided debate: “How dumb is Sony?” Basically, that is a moot point. We all know the real debate is: “How long until this is up on torrent?”  Actually, none of this matters because the cinematic death of whichever one of the Kims are killed in “The Interview” is on the same internets that were being used to try and prevent you from seeing it.

You just saved $9.75, but we’ve lost more. Many theater chains were going to play “Team America: World Police” and Paramount has been quashing those screenings as well. My suggestion is you take the money you were going to spend on seeing this film, which I have already ruined the ending by posting it here, and donate it to The Road Home. Click here so North Korea doesn’t win.

I am also confused how Atlantic Records didn’t get hacked over this video:

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