Downtown Parking Woes Completely Solved

Long row of cars parked on city centre road

People always cite the main reason they don’t like to come downtown is the parking: there isn’t enough of it, the new meters are hard to use, the bike lanes on 300 South are confusing, the Jazz aren’t winning anything, people have no idea Utah has other Italian restaurants other than Olive Garden, panhandlers (please don’t give them anything when you come downtown, by they way), you’ve nothing to wear, hipsters and…I am getting off track.

There is good news though! Parking has been solved in downtown Salt Lake City. Whether your shopping at City Creek, enjoying lunch around the Gateway, admiring the temple,  jogging or biking City Creek Canyon, savoring a stroll through Memory Grove, crashing a wedding in Memory Grove, sucking face in Memory Grove, hitting up a Jazz game, coming down to a piano bar or just to hit the bars were you won’t have to hear bad renditions of Elton John and Billy Joel songs. There is something for everyone downtown and the city has caught on, wised up and figured it out. It wasn’t that hard really. It’s a solution that has long existed, but not used by those who live outside of downtown. The solutions are cabs, carpools, Uber, Lyft and cabs again. People downtown who have cars love them and use all of these methods of getting around downtown. Hell, there are even dudes with loveseats on the back of their bikes who will town you around downtown, usually to some slick music, for a nominal fee. There are also Green Bikes, which people have really taken to. You really should get a membership. There is nothing better that a summertime ride around downtown Salt Lake at night.

With all the great new places to eat, drink and meet people, you really should be spending more time downtown. Now that the parking issue has been solved, we’ll see you at the next Real Watch Party, karaoke night, comedy show, concert, convention, buskers (they are worth a donation…maybe not the guy on bagpipes, but hey some people like bagpipes) Comic-Con or just a nice walk around the city and may be around the Aves, too (there are some gems up there – have you tried Avenues Proper yet?).

The main reason to utilize this new advancement is because you really shouldn’t drink and drive. DUIs are expensive and that’s even if you’re just pulled over and caught. What if you hurt or kill someone, yourself or someone out walking their cat.  You don’t want this to happen to you:

And Norm knows. He has life experience.

There is still some summer left, so get out and do some stuff. Don’t let parking stop you. We’ll see you downtown.

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