Geek News on the Radio – January 12th

‘iZombie’ Hot Undead More Accurately “ZILFs”, Executive Producer Says

iZombie exec producer Rob Thomas acknowledged he “didn’t hew terribly close to the source material” in adapting the DC comic book for CW’s midseason series. Whereas the comic has a “whole monster universe,” he wanted the show to “stay strictly zombie” because what the producers really wanted was a “case-of-the-week show,” and having a zombie working in a morgue eating corpse brains gave them that vehicle.

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‘Ant-Man’ trailer attracts a giant-sized 29 million views

Ant-Man may not be the most famous Marvel superhero. In fact, Evangeline Lilly had never even heard of the character when she was approached to appear in the Ant-Man film, which arrives in cinemas July 17. “As the Hobbit actress reveals in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, “They said, ‘We’re interested in you for a role in Ant-Man and I actually laughed.’”

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Michael Keaton Joins ‘Kong: Skull Island,’ Neil Marshall Says His Version Would’ve Had Pirates & Dinosaurs

While “Birdman” is being positioned as Michael Keaton’s comeback movie — and certainly it’s his meatiest and best lead role in ages — let’s not forget that in 2014, the actor also lent his talents to “Robocop” and “Need For Speed.” Basically, it’s not like Keaton has been choosy or hasn’t been asked to help prop up a piece of popcorn entertainment. And so, this next move isn’t a huge surprise.

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Reese Witherspoon joins Matt Damon in ‘Downsizing’

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9 (UPI) — Reese Witherspoon has joined the cast of Downsizing. The 38-year-old actress will star alongside Matt Damon in the new Alexander Payne satire. Witherspoon previously collaborated with Payne on Election (1999), and the director is also known for Sideways (2004), The Descendants (2011) and Nebraska (2013).

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Syfy’s 12 Monkeys will mess with the lights in some viewers’ homes

Syfy has announced that it’ll be giving certain viewers the option to let the network take control of their home’s lighting systems during broadcasts of its upcoming series 12 Monkeys. The new show—based on the 1995 Bruce Willis film, and set to debut on Jan. 16—will come with a “light track” that owners of Philips’ smartphone-interactive Hue lighting system will be able to use to view a custom light show, synced to the show’s content. (Presumably, warmer colors will be used during emotional scenes, while blues and greens will indicate that the viewer should feel a gradually growing unease at the power of corporations and networks to influence everything, down to the lighting in their very own homes.)

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‘The Flash’ Series Cast To Include ‘Spartacus’ Star Liam McIntyre As New Member Of The Rogues

CW Network superhero TV series “The Flash” will return on January 20 featuring some members of famous comics villain group Rogues. Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) will return to Starling City stronger than ever as he has with him Heatwave (Dominic Purcell). As the second half of the season goes on, these two are not the only Rogues that Barry (Grant Gustin) will try to stop as “The Flash” series cast “Spartacus” star Liam McIntyre as Weather Wizard.

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