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‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Turns Doctor Doom Into a Grumpy Programmer

‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Turns Doctor Doom Into a Grumpy Programmer
When Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot hits screens next summer, it might be the superhero team’s nemesis who’s undergone the most drastic transformation. After more than half a century as Victor Von Doom, monarch of an Eastern European country, it turns out that Doctor Doom will have become, in the words of the actor who plays him, a “very anti-social programmer.” (Read Story)

Lexi Alexander on why she would reject an offer to direct Wonder Woman

Lexi Alexander, the German-born martial artist and director of Punisher: War Zone and Green Street Hooligans, has quashed any speculation that she might be in line to helm the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. (Read Story)

‘The Evil Dead’ is back ‘to kick some monster butt’ on TV

Starz is at work on a TV series follow-up to the classic horror franchise, which kicked off in 1981 with the namesake “The Evil Dead.”
In the first film, we were introduced to Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, who takes an ill-fated vacation with friends to an isolated cabin in the woods of Tennessee. Within that cabin was the Book of the Dead, which unleashed some horrific demons — and the start of a popular movie franchise. There have been two additional “Evil Dead” movies, plus a reboot in 2013. (Read Story)

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