In-Approp-Riate! American Apparel's Raunchiest Ads


Sex sells! Sex sells! Sex sells!

No degree in jet propulsion needed there. People love to see other people who look good doing suggestive things. It helps us think about things other than doing chores and eating a spaghetti dinner for the 6th night in a row. American Apparel filed for bankruptcy this week, but there are many that would argue the company has been morally bankrupt for a while. Though most of us know it as the place you go when you want a soft t-shirt, hipster cable-knit sweaters or, let’s face it, the perfect hoodie, American Apparel has really made a name for itself somewhat with its products, but certainly with it’s advertising.

Check out’s 50 Raciest American Apparel Ads

Good morning! @jessieandrews in the Fine Tricot Bralette and panty. #AmericanApparel #Lingerie

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American Apparel was founded in 1989 by Dov Charney who has been viewed by the media as a creeper, basically. Their ads often feature models in one item of clothes (unless it’s socks – then them get to wear the pair), in suggestive poses. Abercrombie and Fitch had the same sort of issues when questions arose the raciness of their catalogues among other things.

Anitra in the new Wrap Dress and cranberry layers. #AmericanApparel #AAmodels A photo posted by American Apparel (@americanapparelusa) on

Well, has put together the 50 Raciest American Apparel Ads ever got you in trouble for looking at.

Oh, and I suggest not looking at this at work. People will get the wrong idea. Unless you want people to know you are a creeper. In that case, gather everyone around.

Three’s company. 📷 @vincentgirardot @julia.stoltz #AmericanApparel

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