Lounge X: Alt-J

Gus and Joe from Alt-J stopped by before their sold-out concert on October 27th to perform some songs from their new album, “This Is All Yours” and a favorite from their debut album. While the band is fairly quiet overall, Gus did talk a bit about their new song “The Gospel of John Hurt.” When we asked him what the song was about he replied, “It’s about the part in Alien where the alien bursts through John Hurt’s chest.” What more do you need in a song people? Really!? With that we let the chit chat subside so the 60 or so people in attendance could enjoy these performances.

Keep an eye on for our next Lounge X: exclusive performances from our favorite artists. You could be part of it.

As far as the performance last night at In the Venue it was a far bigger band then you may have seen before, if you have seen them before. The lighting, the sound and the vibe of the set were leaps and bounds.  Alt-J has always been a very tight, live band, but this was that and then some. How? The songs sounded bigger. There was some improv on some of the songs and the crowd showed me something I had never seen before: you can dance to Alt-J. I have put their songs in many mental contexts but never a dance party. The whole necking and making out thing, I got that. That’s not me being pervy either. You simply couldn’t look in any direction without seeing two things: people in some state of clothed pre-coitus or downright gettin’ down. So there you have it: Alt-J is a band that can sell out a show in Salt Lake on a Monday night and bring it in a humble radio station with a guitar and a glockenspiel. What more could you ask for?

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