Does the New Sia Video with Shia LaBeouf Creep You Out?

The chatter of the internet is that his video runs a bit on the pedophilia side. A 28-year-old man dancing with a 12-year-old girl. They are both wearing skin-colored tights and locked in a cage. Well, this isn’t the most promising elevator pitch, but after watching the video I suspect you’ll probably just say it’s weird or artsy – not pervy or creepy.  According to Sia the battling dancers are playing two sides of herself, and LaBeouf along with the 12-year-old Maddie Ziegler (who was featured in a previous Sia video) were the only artists to play the part.

The song itself is pretty great, so why not go for some high interpretive art and shoot for the stars? Well, because the internet is perverted and everyone on it automatically turns 9 and creeper on the internet.

See a bit of beauty and art rather than pointing and shouting, “PORRRRRRRN!”

Happy 2015 everyone!

Here is Sia being amazing in 2014

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