Salt Lake City: A Beginner's Guide

So say you have that friend visiting from back East or you have set your OK Cupid profile to look for people 900 miles away and found a special someone in Atlanta. The thing is, you are from Utah so you have it the scene on lockdown. You know where to go, what to do and what to eat…maybe. It’s easy to take things for granted and overlook some great things in Salt Lake.

The nice folks at Movoto took time to remind us (or show the unindoctrinated) a few things that are not to be missed in Salt Lake.

You can check out their list here.

A few Ol’ Core feels they left out are as follows:

Sugarhouse Park

You can get a workout and some nice sunsets at Liberty Park, but the views of the mountains, the lanes for bikes, joggers and walkers to keep everyone from colliding and the LAPRPERS even seem more organized in Sugarhouse Park. With the new tunnel you can make it down that much faster to find fro-you, pho, catch movie on the cheap or snatch some new kicks at The Rack.


The Pi (Unversity Location)

Sure, they have more than one location now, but there can only be one genuine article. The years of writing on the wall, all the damn cheese, The Stromboli Pizza and, of course, the Cheese Pull-Aparts. It’s a no-brainer.


Ensign Peak

There are few places better to see a Salt Lake sunset than on the West side of Ensign and it’s such an easy hike to see the sun fall over industrial Salt Lake and that salty pond.


Deseret Industries

Sure, outside of Utah, Goodwill may have a lockdown oh thrift shopping, but Utah keeps it real with our own chain and way of second-hand archeology. Not only can you find a real classy family reunion t-shirts or an old-school Utah Jazz jersey, but occasionally some real sweet suspenders. As for me? I can spend an entire afternoon D.I. hopping to find classic works of literature for the change I have in the ashtray in my car.



Ziplining, mountain coastering, Cliff Lodging, Oktoberfesting, Traming, mountain biking, mountain scootering, so much of which is accompanied by food, drink, live music and I haven’t even mentioned the epic skiing and snowboarding you can accomplish here. Snowbird always a great excuse to get out of the valley.

I have no doubt you can come up with many more. Like many cities there are so many places to gather and social or just admire your surroundings. There are probably a few modern attractions Salt Lake has to offer like the new Beer Bar, a progressive take on a beer hall. Go ahead and share some of your favorites, especially if they serve beer.

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