Scott Aukerman Interviewed by Richie T

Scott Aukerman is a chap from Los Angeles.  He got his start as a writer and performer on the HBO cult classic Mr. Show with Bob and David, for which he was Emmy-nominated.  He is the host of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast, which has been downloaded over ten million times, and has been called “one of the ten best comedy podcasts” by Rolling Stone, and “often strange, consistently hilarious, always unpredictable” by Entertainment Weekly.   He is the producer and director of the acclaimed web series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, the episodes of which been viewed over forty million times.  Nine years ago, he co-createdComedy Death-Ray – now Comedy Bang Bang – which occurs every Tuesday night at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles, and has been nationally recognized as the best weekly live comedy show in America. (Bio Courtesy of

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