Todd Nuke'Em's Top 10 Favorite U2 Songs


Everybody on social media is freaking out about having the new U2 album—and I’ll use their word for it—forced upon them by Apple. Personally, I don’t think it’s ever a bad thing when one of the biggest bands in the world decides to give you their new album for free.

It was apparently a smart move by U2 because since the Songs of Innocence album appeared in everyone’s iTunes, their back catalog started to sell like crazy. The Joshua Tree, War, Achtung Baby, and The Unforgettable Fire saw huge spikes in sales. When you start looking at the albums that shaped U2’s career, you begin to realize that there were some amazing songs that you probably paid for at some point in your life. Here are my top ten favorite U2 songs.

10. Until The End Of The World


9. Two Hearts Beat As One


8. A Sort Of Homecoming


7. Sunday Bloody Sunday


6. New Year’s Day


5. With Or Without You


4. Bullet The Blue Sky


3. Where The Streets Have No Name


2. Bad


1. Pride (In The Name Of Love)

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