X96 Live and Local Spotlight: Minx


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The X96 Live and Local Spotlight band for August 2015 is Minx. I got to know Isha and Raffi at parties and going to other shows (they seem to be everywhere) probably a year before I saw them play. They are uniquely one of the most visual bands in the Salt Lake music scene and the most creative band the Utah music scene has seen. You won’t see anything else like this two-piece – mixing SonicGencabaret, dance, acoustic, a waft of the sensual and occasionally a narrative. Minx admit they get more comparisons for their appearance than the music, Annie Lennox be damned…and loved! I would place Minx somewhere closer to Peaches or some of the industrial bands of the 90’s, though I wouldn’t call them industrial either. Minx is unique, and in today’s landscape there is nothing better to be. Do not miss them if you see them playing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.57.33 PM

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