5 Time Wasters and a *Bonus

1. And now for something completely different.


Watch orchestra eat world’s hottest chili – and then perform classical music


2. Greatest thing I have ever seen on the internet. Which is rather boastful.


Guy Fieri eating things in slow motion, set to ‘Killing Me Softly’


3. Creepy advances in Artificial Intelligence


Five Creepiest Advances in Artificial Intelligence

4. Quizzes!


More quizzes than you can handle!

5. Alien Blue

Thee Official Reddit app for iOS. Reddit is the front page of the internet and this was a beautiful app a user designed. Good enough for Reddit to buy out and use as their official app.

Bonus App is Rooms, which allows you to create anonymous chat rooms and share them with your friends and strangers.



**Bonus! People who don’t gym very well


20 People Who Have No Idea What They’re Doing at the Gym


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