8 Best SNL Christmas Skits

During this Christmas time there is nothing better than sitting on the couch, turning on my Chromecast, and watching all the SNL Christmas skits from over the years. Since there is 8 days till Christmas, here are my top 8 SNL Christmas Skits.

Mr. Senior’s Too Soon

Do you ever get annoyed that Christmas seems to get started earlier and earlier? I do. I am one of those people that can’t listen to Christmas music till after this little holiday called Thanksgiving.

 Christmas Mass Spectacular

The most interesting time to go to Church is during the holidays when you seem to realize your congregation is much bigger than normal.

Sump’n Claus

Growing up I thought how crazy it was that if I was bad then I would get coal. And some man who lives far away is going to decide that. This video helped a lot.

Schweddy Balls

Remember when Alec Baldwin started being funny?

Now That’s What I Call Christmas

Jimmy Fallon was born to do funny impersonations of people singing.

I Wish It Was Christmas Today

This skit is actually really awkward to me but I couldn’t help laughing.

Steve Martin’s Holiday Wish

Steve Martin is one of my favorite actors. And he explains perfect what so many people think at Christmas. They start out saying how they want to help everyone and then some how things change and they think about themselves.

Hanukkah Song

How could you forget the BEST, most amazing, holiday skit ever. I know I’m cheating a bit since it is not a Christmas skit… but it kind of is.


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