Angela Cartwright From 'The Sound Of Music' Talks About Her Book

Angela Cartwright

Richie T. interviews Angela Cartwright known as Brigitta Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Angela talks about her book and love of art and photography.

Richie T.: There’s this whole debate old-timey photography with film.. and now with everything digital where do you weigh in in all that?

Angela Cartwright: There is something about the quality of film..uh photography. I love black and white..uh film photography. It is just so unique and has such a different quality about it. I have to admit I am kind of on the bandwagon with digital too. It is instant gratification.

Richie:.. How does the book come together?

Angela Cartwright: There is no photoshop at all in the book. It is all just how they were. You know, we went through thousands of negatives and two sheets and with our little white gloves on in the archives of the bowels of Twentieth Centruy Fox, we had kinf of unlimited access to the archives which is kind of unheard of. It was really quite an adventure, I was just so glad that Twentieth saw the value in it.

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