Apparently, This Car Can Make You Swallow Your Face

This video went viral today. It’s a test driver with people experiencing the acceleration of a Tesla P85D. It has over 600 HP and can hit 60mph in 3.2 seconds. The reactions that some of these people have are priceless. This is an electric car, after all. Porche and McLaren (see the videos below) have incorporated electric engines to some pretty interesting results when it comes to supplementing their gas-powered supercars, but doing this with just an electric engine is pretty impressive.

This car will set you back roughly $105,000, which you can get a Nissan GT for. At that point you are kind of comparing apples to ninjas, but that’s the price point.

Let’s just hop into some car porn while we are on the subject. Here are some of my favorite vids. Start drooling over the Porche 918 and MacLaren P1:

I really wish I would have gone to med school or became a Washington lobbyist.

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