Sundance Film Festival 2015: The Relationship, Tony from Wasatch Brewery, Sammy Brue

Anthony Burulicich. In November 2010, the band released their debut album, The Relationship, on Golden State Records. (
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Tony  is in charge of programming with Wasatch Brew Pub (
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Sammy Brue is a 13-year-old folk singer from the Portland Oregon area. In 2011 after he and his family moved to Utah, his father bought him a guitar so the reclusive preteen had something to do while passing the time. Wanting to play songs by the late Woody Guthrie and acts like Bob Dylan he started learning chords to emulate these great musicians. Within 2 months, he wrote his first song “The Woody Guthrie Song” and from that day forward the 10-year-old didn’t look back. Now at the age of 13, Sammy Brue has a couple of albums worth of original songs under his belt and has opened for acts like Joe Fletcher, Lukas Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Lydia Loveless, John Moreland, and Hayes Carll. He finds inspiration in the Folk/Americana genre of music and has made some great friends in its community. As a one man band, this young Troubadour has made friends all over the country and especially the Northwest where he travels around to play.
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