5 Things to Buy Yourself (or Others) for Christmas

1. Since being a foodie and a Star Wars fanatic (nerdi) are all the rage in the 2010’s again, let R2-D2 measure your brown sugar, chia seed and brown rice.


2. You’ve got to have music all the time and in every situation. Let’s face it, every where you go people want to hear your favorite music. You get tired of them asking you to turn it up so everyone can hear your favorite track off the new TV on the Radio album. This solves that problem.


3. Don’t let people think you care about anything this season without saying a word. It doesn’t matter what it is: grandkids, recipes, the gout, how your job is going, your misplaced hatred for all things gluten. Stop yule-tide small talk before it starts.


4. Wood, it seperates us from the other things in nature that can’t make amazing things out of it like we can. This time wood is working hard to keep your eyes safe from the burning ball of gas holding us close with lies and gravity. These glasses make you look good to other humans too. Get some and get some before we burn up in passion and global warming.

#portia #indioeyewear #bambooshades #bamboo #handmade #Philippines #localbrand #supportlocal

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5. You like bread. I like toast. Mostly because I hate raw dough and let’s face it, bread is just half cooked dough. I am paranoid as well about what really happens inside of a toaster. This solves everything.

Transparent glass toaster #breakfast

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