Celebutard News Stories for December 5th, 2014

1. Cosby fires back: One accuser tried to extort $250K from me


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A woman suing Bill Cosby for sexual battery attempted to sell a story about the comedian to a tabloid a decade ago, Cosby’s attorneys said in a court filing Thursday.

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2. Navy pulls Cosby’s title: Alleged abuse goes against our values


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The Navy is revoking Bill Cosby‘s title of honorary chief petty officer, saying allegations of sexual abuse made against the comedian are serious and conflict with the Navy’s core values.

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3. The Edge jokes Bono wears a Hasidic disguise while biking


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U2’s The Edge jokingly told a radio interviewer that the reason nobody recognized Bono when he crashed his bicycle in Central Park is because he likes to dress up as a Hasidic when he goes cycling — igniting a media freakout that forced a formal denial by the front man’s publicist.

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4. Jimmy Fallon extends his paternity leave


Photo Courtesy of Jennifer James

The NBC show that Fallon helms is airing a repeat Friday, following the birth of his second child with wife Nancy Juvonen earlier this week. Tapings initially were just axed for Wednesday and Thursday.

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5. Jimmy Fallon Gave Daughter the Ugly Sweater of Names


Photo Courtesy of G M 

It’s Christmastime in the city, and amid bad Mariah Carey performances and concurrent mass protests spurred by police injustice, little babies are being born to celebrities. The Baby Name Critic, a Lincoln Republican at heart, will focus today on the latter.

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6. Tyler Perry becomes a dad for the first time


Photo Courtesy of Iconic2U

Perry, 45, and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Gelila Bekele, welcomed their first child on Sunday, a baby boy named Aman Tyler Perry.

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7. Let’s Be Blunt About This …


Photo Courtesy of barreno88

As the saying goes … where there’s smoke, there’s Miley Cyrus — and this time her bf Patrick Schwarzenegger was there too for a suspicious-looking toke break in Miami Thursday.

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8. Miley ‘wigs’ out until 6 a.m. with Schwarzenegger


Photo Courtesy of Jame Park 

Cyrus — still wearing that silver wig from her show — and boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger headed to 24-hour adult show club E11even Wednesday following her performance at The Raleigh.

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9. Zookeeper: Justin Bieber Left His Illegal Monkey Frightened and Alone


Photo Courtesy of Gem_106

The German government has been taking good care of musical skid mark Justin Bieber’s former pet Capuchin monkey, Mally, since the Biebs abandoned him last year.

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10. Wiz Khalifa — I Might Have a Sex Tape, But I Don’t Want You to See It!


Photo Courtesy of getrighflickr

Wiz Khalifa banged a Playboy chick last night … which sounds awesome — except for the part where it was recorded without Wiz knowing … and might be shopped around as a celeb sex tape.

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11. Chris Rock: The world needs comedy right now


Photo Courtesy of John Leavitt 

“The world is always a little sad, especially right now,” he told us. “So we always need some sort of comedy to make us laugh and forget about the troubles. I’m a comedian and that’s my job. If I can make people laugh, then I succeeded.”

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12. Angelina Jolie makes quite the stunning babysitter


Photo Courtesy of Raul Romero

Angelina Jolie had lunch with six children at Landmarc at Time Warner Center on Wednesday — but only two of them were hers.

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