Because I Keep Getting Asked – Avengers: Age of Ultron

Pic courtesy of Bryan Ward

Pic courtesy of Bryan Ward

You may have heard this movie is ‘bloated’.

I think that’s a harsh description. Yes, there is A LOT happening on the screen and in the story…but Joss Weadon handled all these elements just fine. All the characters get their moments to shine and develop. Joss doesnt wait for you to catch up, we hit the ground running and the pace will leave you breathless. Exposition is kept at a minimum, so pay attention!  I’m often asked ‘do I need to see the other Marvel movies to get whats going on?’. In this case, yes. At least the original Avengers and any of the Marvel movies featuring an Infinity gem. Ask the internet, she will know. I strongly suggest you see it in IMAX 3D. Because this movie is so big, and so much geeky goodness goes down, you wanna feel like your right in the middle of it.

These are characters I’ve known and loved since childhood. Its such a thrill to see them up on the screen in ‘real life’ saving the day. And to the hard core geek who complains about changes made in a character that differ from its comic book origins I say…so what? These changes help drive the movie and help the other characters to develop.  These are people, and we need to see them as such. when they care, we care. That is far more important than any nit pick about origins. If you are that kind of message board geek do yourself, and the rest of us a huge favor…and don’t go. Stay home and be miserable while the rest of us squee and high five each other as the credits roll.

Not only do we get a legendary Marvel villain, bigger than life and engaging as hell, we also see the birth of another Marvel comics legend…The Vision. A character I never gave any thought to, until now. When he is on screen he will have your full attention, even standing next to the Mighty Thor.

My recommendations:  If you have ANY doubt, even the slightest, about whether this movie is right for you…dont go. The rest of us in the Merry Marvel Marching Society (call us Marvel Zombies if you must) will be having a wonderful time without you.

FYI: There is no sneaky scene at the very end of the credits, there is a quick one about a minute after the movie ends. So, once you see that its safe to go home. Enjoy.


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