Xnation Presents Break X96's Christmas Balls

x copyThe Holiday season is upon us and we all know how stressful this time can be. Blow off a little steam and Break Our Christmas Balls presented by Xnation.

Starting Monday, December 8th X96 will have 30 Christmas Balls all filled with different prizes. Be our random caller and you’ll get to choose one of our balls, break it open and find out what you’ve won. You could win hundreds of dollars worth of prizes, or you could win Gina Barberi’s Stapler, it all depends on the ball that you break.

To play, just listen to X96 from starting December 8th through the 19th. We’ll be taking random ball breakers in the morning at  9:05 and afternoons at  1:05, and 3:05.

Break Our Christmas Balls is also sponsored by:

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